I was trained by the best... Martha Beck, PhD, America's most famous life coach; author of many wonderful books and writer for O Magazine.


I got my first dog, at the age of 47, a golden retriever I named BOB, and it totally changed who I am.  Then I got BOB a brother, named FRANK.
I am imperfect.  I have been through divorce, cancer, heartbreak, made less than perfect choices, said less than perfect things, taken the long way to many solutions, screwed up, fell down, and held on way too long.  AND I survived.  And I thrive!
I love to dance (as in boogie, not ballet) and sing loudly in the presence of my dogs.  They say I'm really good!
I am a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor and have spent 30 years in the fitness industry.  My experience allows me to also provide wellness and weight loss information.
I have an open heart, am fiercely independent and lovingly direct.
I am a wealthy woman.  I have an abundance of love and support from my family and friends.
I have been successful at coaching many men and women through major life transitions...divorce, career change, self doubt, fear and anxiety, weight loss and mid-life transformation.  I love this work.

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