Art & Soul

In this fun, inspiring, and totally hands-on workshop, you will find ways to turn the volume down on that annoying chatter and turn up the volume on the wise, intuitive voice that is also in you. We will draw, color, paint, and have FUN to tap into the creative part of you to shift into a more expansive, calmer, joyous state of being where you connect to the wise woman inside of you.

When: Sunday, June 30, 2019

Investment: $49

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Inspired Living

Design a life you love.

Lacking motivation? Longing for a deeper spiritual connection? Feeling overwhelmed by your daily routine?

Join Certified Yoga Instructor Ryane Smith and myself as we lead you on a personal journey of exploration and Self discovery.  During our time together, you'll create a visual journal, practice yoga and meditation and find your inner GPS.

Be inspired. Be empowered. Be transformed.

Class size limited. $59

Next class will be held: To be determined

Get Off Your BUT

No, not that BUTT.  The BUT that you are sitting on that stops you from getting what you want in life.  This is a DOING verses a TALKING ABOUT IT workshop.  We will do "exercises" that show you how easy it can be to gain momentum toward your dreams and desires.  DO YOU HAVE A REALLY BIG BUT???

Class size limited to 10 participants.  $39

Next class will be held:  January 2017 10am-1pm

Thinner Peace

An empowering "melting away" of excess baggage in every form.  A dynamic approach to feeding your hopes, dreams and ideal body.  We will put together the latest in science and pair it with some deep belief and behavioral work.  This is a combinaiton of 6 on-site group meetings, 8 weekly 1 hour group phone calls and 2 one hour, one-on-one coaching with me.  8 weeks = $499.

Class size limited to 10 people.  

Next class will be held:  January 2017

Vision Board Workshop

What would the life of your dreams, look like? Or maybe your ideal job or romantic partner?  This is a fun class to put those dreams into a tangible form. I have had more positive feedback from this class than any other. It is a powerful tool in manifesting your best life.

Class size limited to 10 people.  $39

Next class will be held: July 30, 2016 10am-1pm

Core Strength

Strengthening your core.  We will be taking the time to ask all the big questions, and we will be getting in touch with the part of yourself that has all the answers; the deep, soul awakening truth. We will be leaving behind the lies, beliefs and stories that have been holding you back. If you have been feeling disconnected and unfulfilled, this is a great place to start.

Class size limited to 10 people.  $39

Next class will be held: To be determined

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