You know that monkey mind that drives you crazy with all the chatter, all the time?? The chatter that keeps recycling the same old thoughts that get you nowhere? You know the constant worrying and replaying of past events don’t make your life any better but you just can’t seem to turn off the chatter? If this sounds like you, I want to invite you to my upcoming workshop Art & Soul.


In this fun, inspiring, and totally hands-on workshop, you will find ways to turn the volume down on that annoying chatter and turn up the volume on the wise, intuitive voice that is also in you. We will tap into the creative part of you to shift into a more expansive, calmer, joyous state of being where you connect to the wise woman inside of you.


We will do it all in an easy, no-need-to-be-an-artist way. Through this fun process you will come up with answers and solutions that may be evading you. The hands-on activities in this workshop will help you engage the right brain—instead of the left brain that is associated with linear and analytical thinking—and open you up to outside-the-box, wondrous ideas and solutions. From that place of expanded possibility, you will allow the truest part of you to start running your life.


So, if you want to set that wild, wise woman free, sign up now. I will supply all the materials. All other details are shared after registration.


When: June 30, 2019, 1-4pm

Where: Belleair, Florida (You will receive the address in the confirmation email when you sign up)

Investment: $49

About Connie Black

Connie is a certified life coach. Connie uses art and other experiential tools to help men and women successfully navigate through major life transitions. She is thriving and loving life. She currently resides in Belleair, Florida with her sidekick, Frankie.

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